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Infinix Note 12 Full Spec & Features 2024


Infinix Note 12

Infinix note 12

$168 USD



Display Size

6.7 Inches

Rear Camera

50 MP

Front Camera

16 MP


1000 x 2400 pixels


5000 mAh


Octa Core



Infinix note 12

As for the variant that is going to be boxed, this is going to be the top-end variant of the Infinix Note 12. Within the Note series, Infinix has launched three variants basically, here you get 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. In addition, there is an 8GB RAM storage of 256GB storage which we have here at this time and you get to see less RAM inside it and the processor along with it is G96. But here I was that some people have made a big first of this thing that G88 and G96 have been taken and G96 is taken in the name but still people are selling 88 as G96 but The reality is that if you buy a Uni, it’s already on the box, and Infinix has always given us a new version or something like that, even in previous models, which always has this in it. 

infinix note 12
infinix note 12

There is a processor, it is less than the head that if it had been placed with the name or something else, which would have made a little more clear distinction, it would have been easier for everyone, but if the three Afros were talking about the up-price tax. So, the G88 version is the one with ChGB RAM and the price you can see up to Rs. There’s the G96 processor inside and it goes up to Rs3499 and then there’s the top-of-the-line variant where you get to see 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. And the price tag inside it is Rs 3999. I will leave the link in the description. The two biggest highlights of this mobile phone are the processor and the display. Now Infinix is one such brand. which gives a little more detail in each of their features and this is the reason why you can see here that it is an emulated display which is 6.7 inches but if you go to the back side You can see that each and every feature is mentioned in great detail.

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