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iphone 15 vs 16 : Biggest rumored differences

Today, we’re going to explore the rumored disparities between the highly anticipated iPhone 15 and its successor, the iPhone 16.

From enhanced camera capabilities to potential design modifications, there’s a lot to unpack.

iphone 15 vs 16 So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and let’s explore the biggest rumored differences between these two game-changing devices.

iphone 15 vs 16
iphone 15 vs 16

iphone 15 vs 16 Design

The iPhone 15 is said to be getting a smaller notch, which could enhance the overall visual experience by offering more screen space for users.

On the other hand, the iPhone 16 may take things a step further with a completely notch less design, potentially maximizing the display area even more.

Rumors point to the iPhone 15 maintaining a notch placement at the top center, similar to its predecessors.

In contrast, speculations suggest that the iPhone 16 could introduce an under-display camera module, doing away with the need for a visible front-facing camera.

If these rumors hold true, both models could offer significant improvements in terms of screen real estate and design aesthetics.

Notch size and placement

The smaller notch in the iPhone 15 is set to enhance the overall aesthetics of the device, maintaining facial recognition technology while offering a more visually appealing design. On the other hand, speculations about notch size and placement in the iPhone 16 hint at a seamless integration with minimal bezels, providing users with an uninterrupted viewing experience.As for the positioning of sensors within the notch of the iPhone 15, it’s anticipated to optimize functionality without compromising visual appeal. In contrast, reports suggest that Apple is exploring advanced technologies such as under-display sensors for Face ID in the iPhone 16 to eliminate any visible interruptions on the screen, potentially revolutionizing the user experience.

Camera module design

iphone 15 vs 16 The iPhone 15 is rumored to feature an improved camera module design, promising enhanced photography capabilities and augmented reality features. In contrast, the iPhone 16 may take things a step further with innovative sensor placements and improved depth-sensing capabilities for AR applications.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 camera module design will retain familiar features while integrating technological advancements for improved image quality and low-light performance.

On the other hand, speculations surrounding the iPhone 16 highlight a major shift towards concealed or integrated camera systems, potentially revolutionizing Apple’s approach to smartphone photography.

If these rumors hold true, both models could offer significant improvements in the realm of smartphone photography and AR experiences.

Display Technology

The iPhone 15 is rumored to be equipped with an advanced MicroLED display, promising improved color accuracy and brightness for a more vibrant visual experience. On the other hand, reports suggest that the iPhone 16 may bring forth a ProMotion display with a 120Hz refresh rate, aimed at delivering smoother scrolling and captivating animations.

Additionally, rumors hint at the iPhone 15 incorporating LTPO technology, paving the way for variable refresh rates to optimize power efficiency. Conversely, the iPhone 16 could potentially adopt LTPO OLED displays, combining high refresh rates with energy efficiency, presenting users with an innovative display technology that balances performance and battery life.

Refresh rate improvements

The alleged increase in display refresh rate for the iPhone 15 signifies a step towards smoother visuals and improved touch responsiveness, elevating the overall user experience.

Conversely, the speculations surrounding the iPhone 16 suggest a significant leap in refresh rate, potentially catering to users who prioritize seamless screen performance and enhanced gaming experiences. If these rumored enhancements hold true, both models could provide users with more fluid interactions and heightened visual clarity, ushering in a new era of display technology for Apple’s flagship devices.

Under-display Touch ID

Rumors swirling around the iPhone 15 hint at the potential integration of an under-display Touch ID sensor, presenting users with an alternative method for biometric authentication. Meanwhile, speculations surrounding the iPhone 16 suggest that Apple is aiming to perfect under-display Touch ID technology, eliminating the need for a physical sensor and offering seamless unlocking capabilities.

The rumored under-display Touch ID feature on the iPhone 15 could provide added convenience without sacrificing security, setting the stage for a potential game-changer in user authentication. If these speculations are indeed accurate, the innovative implementation of under-display Touch ID on the iPhone 16 has the potential to redefine how users interact with their devices for unlocking and security purposes.


In conclusion, the rumored differences between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 are poised to bring about significant advancements in design and display technology. From seamless integration of minimal bezels and under-display sensors to innovative camera module design and the potential introduction of under-display Touch ID, both models are anticipated to revolutionize the user experience.

Additionally, improvements in display refresh rates and the adoption of advanced display technologies further highlight Apple’s commitment to delivering enhanced visuals and performance. If these speculations come to fruition, users can look forward to a new era of smartphone innovation and functionality from Apple’s flagship devices.

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