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Mobile Phone On Installments from Pakistani Government? PTA Block? Cnic Block?

This is a policy that has been in the works for a long time. In fact, the caretaker government is now running. The first government launched a similar scheme. There is a start-up, its throw mill was made, the brothers of the plan, on which people will be able to buy the mobile phone, now you people know that there is no proper mechanism.

Mobile Installment Plan
Mobile Installment Plan

The Government of Pakistan is working on it and in the near future we can see a very easy way through which people will be able to buy smartphones and these smartphones can be purchased in installments. If you do, their pricing is not increasing so much that the interest will not be that much because who will provide it to you? It is also being given short notice that your money will not go anywhere and how it is being done. We have to discuss the same thing. The name of the policy is Smart Phone for All and this policy. What is it? Care Tech has been introduced by the IT Ministry in the government. What is to be added here is that the most important thing in this policy is that the government has carried out the brother installments. Yes, they will be provided by the Companies Bank and the Government of Pakistan Mill, and basically, they will give what they owe to the bank. The bank should be assured that the person will not run away, so the PTA will step in and if there is a person, whose mobile phone he says, brother, then the brother will take the iPhone 15 Pro Max and If he buys the phone 15 Pro Max, then brother, if you have bought such a mobile phone and you are not able to pay for it, then your mobile phone will be blocked by PTA and that will be fulfilled here. Sunryu has been told that there will be one thing at the start and its severity will increase, first your mobile phone will be blocked for some time which you have not submitted. If you still don’t collect it, the next possibility is that your SIM card will be blocked, that is, your number. If it is blocked, you cannot use that number on any other phone, and if you still do it, then it is a big deal to block your ID card even if you do it again. The suggestion is being given so that the banks and the companies that are providing this should also take the advice of this thing, brother. That chest should be done, these things are being done to save this thing. What they are doing is that the banks are also getting assurance that the borrower will not run away and the borrowers are also getting the assurance that there will be no high interest rate.

The proper mechanism will be very good but the problem is that in our case the idea is whenever there is any initiative of the government then the idea is very good like when the PTA tax is introduced for the first time. What was done, the videos were also uploaded on my channel, I said, Brother, this is not a good idea and the results should also be seen in front of us, so what is happening, everyone is trying Brother, non-PTA phones should be used because there is a tax of Rs. We say, well, tease this, tease that, and ultimately what comes out is very strange. It is a good idea and a good initiative if each and every employee is not to be teased inside and I think that the smartphone will go to each and every employee in Pakistan and more knowledge will increase. I have seen that in all the countries now if they take the example of India, the secret of their development is that both the Internet and smartphones.

If you know how brother missed you, then your ID card may also be suspended, so will you guys buy this mobile phone or will you guys say, bro, it’s okay, I’ll give you a little more case. I will take it but this risk will not be taken from me

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