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Vivo Y38 Price in Pakistan


vivo y38 price in pakistan 8 128

Vivo Y38

Rs. 60,999 PKR



Display Size

6.67 Inches

Rear Camera

13MP Camera

Front Camera

32 MP




5000 mAh




Snapdragon 450 Processor

Vivo Y38 Price in Pakistan

Vivo Y38
Vivo Y38


Are you looking for a smartphone that offers excellent features without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Vivo Y38. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the Vivo Y38 price in Pakistan, its outstanding features, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Vivo Y38 Price in Pakistan

When it comes to affordability and quality, the Vivo Y38 is a winner. Priced at an incredible value, it’s a great choice for budget-conscious individuals. The Vivo Y38 offers a fantastic range of features for its price point, making it a highly competitive option in the Pakistani market.

Key Features

Sleek Design and Display

The Vivo Y38 boasts a sleek and stylish design that’s sure to turn heads. Its stunning display offers vibrant colors and sharp visuals, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Impressive Camera

Capture your precious moments in stunning detail with the Vivo Y38’s impressive camera. It’s equipped with advanced technology that ensures your photos and videos look their best.

Long-lasting Battery

No one likes a dead phone. The Vivo Y38’s long-lasting battery ensures you can stay connected all day without constantly searching for a charger.

Smooth Performance

With a powerful processor and ample RAM, the Vivo Y38 delivers smooth performance, whether you’re multitasking or playing your favorite games.

Ample Storage

Don’t worry about running out of space for your apps and media. The Vivo Y38 offers ample storage, so you can keep everything you need at your fingertips.

User Experience

The Vivo Y38 provides an exceptional user experience, thanks to its user-friendly interface and responsive performance. It’s a device that’s easy to adapt to and enjoy.

Is It Worth the Price?

Absolutely. The Vivo Y38 offers an excellent balance between price and performance, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking value for their money.


What is the Vivo Y38 price in Pakistan?

The Vivo Y38 is competitively priced in Pakistan, making it an affordable choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Can I take high-quality photos with the Vivo Y38’s camera?

Yes, the Vivo Y38’s camera delivers impressive photo quality, ensuring you capture your memorable moments beautifully.

How long does the battery last on the Vivo Y38?

The Vivo Y38 features a long-lasting battery that keeps you connected throughout the day without the need for frequent charging.

Is the Vivo Y38 easy to use for beginners?

Yes, the Vivo Y38 is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want a smartphone that’s easy to navigate.

What’s the storage capacity of the Vivo Y38?

The Vivo Y38 offers ample storage capacity to accommodate your apps, media, and files.

Is the Vivo Y38 available in multiple colors?

Yes, the Vivo Y38 is available in various stylish colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences.


In conclusion, the Vivo Y38 is a remarkable smartphone that offers an excellent balance of price, performance, and features. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned smartphone user, this device is sure to impress. With its budget-friendly price tag and top-notch specifications, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone in Pakistan. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the Vivo Y38.

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