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iphone 15 pro max price in pakistan whatmobile


iphone 15 pro max price in pakistan whatmobile

Iphone 15 pro max

‎Rs 499,000.00 PKR



Display Size

6.1 Inches

Rear Camera

12 MP, f/1.9, 23mm (wide),

Front Camera

32 MP


1179 x 2556 Pixels


Li-Ion 4441 mAh,


Apple GPU (6-core graphics)


Apple A17 Pro (3 nm)

iphone 15 pro max price in pakistan whatmobile

Here’s the iPhone 15 Pro Max box and the two-way-one-ten-one first look I’ve seen of the box isn’t this wallpaper on the front, maybe it looks better on the camera. It’s not a failure like Apple’s boxes used to fail, not like last year’s box. Here it is given a round type finish, but the thing is that the color it is now because the iPhone 15 Pro series has titanium, so the name of this color is not gold, the look and feel of it is gold type.

iphone 15 pro max price in pakistan whatmobile

It’s going to come in a color called Natural Titanium and I have the 256GB version here. I have put the announcement on the radio about what price tag it has come under, but what will be the rush in Pakistan, I can only tell you that I am leaving the link in the description because now. The price tag for the is very high, it is also going up and down, so you can see it from the link in the description below, but if you want to convert it, which casts out, then this phone is about 1100 dollars. It is close to 1300 dollars in Dubai etc. They put it inside the price tag and open the box.

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